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Dated: 01/06/2018

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Anyone who has driven along Highway 101 around Lincoln County recently has probably noticed something a little different about the shoulders of the highway... cleaner roads. You may also have noticed the filled trash bags every few hundred feet with the words CARE written on them. Some have probably even seen the green Ford Explorer with Kayaks on top parked along the road. If you've seen all three of these lately you may already know they are all related. We should all take a moment to thank, support, and appreciate the good citizens behind Leaven No Trace.

The Coos Bay based non profit- Leaven No Trace- walks the Highways and leaves them looking better. The bags you might have seen marked CARE don’t last long as ODOT comes and picks them up within a few days. Some in Lincoln City may have even noticed the Leaven No Trace crew over the summer on their previous stop in the area; then again over a month ago in Nehalem... Recently they have been back in Lincoln City. When they come to town, it is definitImage titleely a topic of discussion, their efforts create great awareness, and hopefully even inspire others to pick up some refuge around the area. We encourage you to follow their Facebook page to see where they are going next. 

As a non profit they are 100% funded and supported by those contributing because they see the tremendous good behind the efforts. It is easy to donate on the Leaven No Trace website, there are many other ways to help as well. They are always looking  for a safe place to camp or even warm house to crash as they travel up and down the West Coast. You can spend a few hours or days helping pick up trash with them, buy them lunch, or even fill up their gas tank. All of these opportunities to assist are a small price to pay for the clean roads being left behind. If you would like to directly contact them you can at 541-404-9734 or leavennotrace@gmail.com.

We believe their Facebook pages says it the best:

Leaven No Trace is focused on Cleanup, Prevention, and Awareness programs in an effort to create a platform program to keep the environment that our species, and 1,000's of other species, rely on to live healthy, happy lives. We are involved with large art projects and collaborating efforts with other community programs to create education for our youth; with this, along with clean up events, we can build a cleaner future. All donations will be put towards our highly needed goal. Join us in Acting Today For Tomorrow.

We at the Home Oregon Coast real estate team donate to a local charity on behalf of our clients for every finished transaction. We recently helped sell a home in NW Lincoln City and are happy to donate to Leaven No Trace this time. To the crew at Leaven No Trace, we applaud you for not only bringing awareness to the trash problem but for also taking the steps to make a huge difference. We also hope that you continue to inspire others to do the same and your next trip though the area will require less bags.

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