Cost-Efficient Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Dated: October 15 2021

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Whether you’re preparing to sell your home with Home Oregon Coast or simply want to increase your property’s value, boosting your home’s curb appeal is a smart move. While big improvements can make a substantial difference, they can also be costly. 

Luckily, there are options available that don’t come with price tags that high. If you’re looking for cost-efficient ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, here are some outstanding options.

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Cost-Efficient Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Repair Cracked Window Seals

Cracked window seals aren’t just unsightly; they also make your windows less energy-efficient. Since buyers want homes with features that keep their utility costs down, they may shy away from properties with windows in disrepair.

In many cases, repairing window seals costs around $290 if you use a professional. One can be easily found when you search for ‘broken window repair near me’ on Angi so take the time to check out reviews and compare offerings from several contractors in your locality. The investment is often worthwhile, as it can significantly improve the look of your windows.

Paint Your Front Door

Painting your front door can work wonders for your curb appeal. Plus, it’s a project that many people can take on themselves. Usually, you’ll only need some primer, paint, brushes, rags, and sandpaper. Some drop clothes to protect the ground below you are also a good idea, as well as saw horses if you want to lift the door off of the floor.

Power Wash Your Siding

If your siding is in good shape but is looking a bit dingy, power washing it could be a great way to brighten up your exterior. It helps you remove layers of dirt and grime quickly.

Before you start, make sure that you have the right kind of siding. Power washers produce strong water jets, so they can damage certain types of materials.

Re-Stain or Repaint Your Deck or Porch

Re-staining or repainting your deck or porch can also make your home look well cared for and more inviting. It lets you refresh the appearance of the surfaces, as well as update the color to align with current trends.

In some cases, you can handle the project yourself. However, if you have a large deck or porch, you may want to work with professionals to ensure the job is done quickly and properly.

How to Get the Home Repair Services You Need

In some cases, hiring professionals is the best option if you want cost-effective curb appeal-boosting repairs done right. While you may need to spend a little more than if you go the do-it-yourself route, it can be worth the investment. You’ll be working with experts who can do the job quickly and correctly, ensuring you get the ideal result.

If you need to find home repair services, begin by heading online. Use sites like to locate providers in your area. Then, spend some time checking out the star ratings and going over customer testimonials. In the end, you need to hire a reliable, trustworthy contractor, so any information that helps you get a grip on a company’s reputation is valuable.

If you want to go the extra mile, ask for referrals from others who’ve had similar work done. See if they would recommend their provider, as that can be a great way to determine your odds of getting satisfactory results. Focus on contractors who are licensed, bonded, and insured. That way, you have an extra layer of protection. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to sell down the line, make sure to work with a trusted realtor who knows the ins and outs of the area. Talk to Home Oregon Coast today. 541-238-9213

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