The Wonderous Winters Of The Oregon Coast

Dated: 11/30/2018

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The only thing better than 75 and sunny, is a Coastal storm fresh off the Pacific.  We see the thundering squalls on movies and read of them in folklore.  They are majestic. 

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 The sky darkens to showcase the lightning strikes.  Thunder rumbles in like a freight can hear it for miles.  Now, imagine experiencing this from the edge of your couch, nestled by the fire in your very own beach house.  This becomes reality for so many people that are thrill seekers and peace keepers....because just as quickly as a squall arrives, it moves onto the mountains that make up the outlying areas of the small coastal communities that make up the Central Oregon Coast. 

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 There are many benefits to owning a home here on the coast.  They are a great investment that are always increasing in value, they are coveted destinations for vacationers if you plan to use it as an income property and you can live near one of the most serene coastlines on earth, but most of all, they are priceless personal spaces to view one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Beach life also includes enjoying countless restaurants and cafes touting they have the best clam chowder.  Why not sample them all? 

Take a Stroll!

Even in Winter, the wildlife is amazing and active. Don't miss the annual Whale Migration every December! Take a stroll through the streets on a beautiful day, and watch whales spout from ocean view restaurants. Take a personal retreat to appreciate the slow pace of small towns. 

 If you are looking for a getaway or a forever home, you are guaranteed to agree that there is no other destination on earth quite like this.  

No Place Like This!

When searching for a beach house, it is important to find a real estate broker that is knowledgeable of the unique features of ocean front listings.  Come check out our team at Home Oregon Coast! We truly represent YOUR best interests and deliver the same personal service that you get from our local store clerks that call you by name.

Home Oregon Coast!

Bonne Hiver! 

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Alex Hake

My name is Alex Hake and I moved to the Oregon Coast in 2017 after years of Real Estate investing in the Midwest. My family and I found the Oregon Coast to be paradise, and the perfect place to be ins....

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