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Dated: 03/04/2019

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Are you ready for your next life adventure, but know that you have to sell your home first to move toward that goal? It can seem like a daunting task if you don’t have an experienced real estate team behind you to guide you along the way. No matter your reason for needing to sell, Team Home Oregon Coast is here to help make the sale of your home as smooth and quick as possible. 

After working with clients who need to sell their homes for a variety of reasons- we have found that many of the same questions and concerns come up. How quickly will my home sell? What price will it sell for? What needs to get done before my home gets listed? What can be done to get the most money for my home? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve set up custom sites where you can access important information that will help you not only answer these questions, but also feel more confident in your decision to list your home.

One of the first questions that a Seller typically has is, “What is my home worth?” We can help to answer that question by giving you a quick and easy way to register for our HOME TRENDS REPORT. All you have to do is enter your home’s address and personal email- and we’ll send you a plethora of information. You’ll instantly receive a monthly report that will state your home’s value (and how it compares to others nearby), a market overview (including how many homes are for sale, and what the median price is), market trends (see how your neighborhood’s home values and sales have trended over time), and how your home value compares to those in neighboring towns. This will give you a good picture of where your home’s value stands in the market. To get an even more dialed in value- Team Home Oregon Coast will do a free Comparable Market Analysis for you, taking into account other homes in the area with similar attributes that have recently sold. We’d even come to do a preview of your home to see the condition and upgrades you have done! All of these things will help us to give you the most accurate price we would recommend your home to be listed at.


Another question we often get from our Sellers is, “How can I sell my home for the MOST money in the LEAST amount of time?” Look no further. We’ve got an awesome packet that you can register for, which shares 7 SELLER’S TIPS to help prepare you to get the results you want! Some of my favorite tips are regarding curb appeal, which is also a part of “staging” your home. Enticing potential Buyers with a clean and cheery exterior can go a long way in getting them to schedule a showing to see what’s inside. We had fun with one of our recent listings by updating all of the flower pots on the front porch with colorful new plants. Those new flowers, along with the Sellers having the the entire home pressure washed, and landscaping, porch, and driveway cleaned up really helped us to put our best foot forward. Did I mention we had an accepted offer within a week of it being listed? There are other great tips in this packet that can help you to ensure you have that same result. 


Along the same lines as the Home Trends Report, we are offering another easy way to find out your home’s value. This page allows you to simply put in your address, and instantly receive information to answer the big question you’ve been wondering about: IS YOUR HOME WORTH MORE THAN YOU THINK? You’ll get important details on what your home could sell for in today’s market, such as your home price, recently homes sold nearby, and local market trends. What are you waiting for? Take a minute to find out what your home could list for. Don’t forget- Team Home Oregon Coast is ready to schedule an appointment with you to talk further about that estimated price. We can do some research into homes with similar attributes that have closed recently, and send you a personalized Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). We can also schedule a 1 hour or less appointment to walk through your home and discuss any recent repairs, upgrades, or other qualities that may be important in setting your home’s list price. 


Last but not least, for all of the Sellers out there who just want to sell their home for a certain price- and don’t want to deal with all the extra steps to get it listed…..We have a really cool option for you. It’s the NAME YOUR SELLING PRICE landing page. All you have to do is sign up by entering your address, and the price you want to sell your home at- and you will instantly be registered. Team Home Oregon Coast will contact you to discuss details, and then you’ll receive an email when there is an interested Buyer willing to pay the price you’ve set. It’s that simple! If you’re ready to sell, and feel confident in the price you want to sell it for- don’t wait to register your home! There are many Buyers out there looking, and your home could be just what they have been searching for.


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