5 Valuable Tips For Future Sellers

Dated: June 5 2020

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With the market feeling unpredictable it is essential that you know the right value of your home. Here is our recommendation on how to get yourself in the best position to sell even before you make that huge decision to put your home on the market. Regardless of a buyer's or seller's market, start with these five tips to improve your chances of selling your home faster, and for more money.

Get an outstanding agent

Choose the right agent to get a job well. Don't just pick an agent because they have a lot of reviews, or you see their signs everywhere... there are a lot of good agents out there, many more than you know. Interview at lest two, three is better. The best agents are all going to have great marketing, advise on tips to get the home ready, and have a pretty consistant valuation of your home. Make sure those boxes are checked and then probably the most imprtant box is... do you feel a solid business connection with them. Selling a home has a lot of twists and turns, challenges, hurdles, and so on... You want to feel good about who you are working with to sell your home over the next several weeks to months. Go with the person who does the best work.... but also who you feel the best about.

First impression matters

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” -Will Rogers.

This is no secret in today's world.. think of the little things like dressing up the windows with budget-friendly curtains that will make your home chic and snazzy. Some freshly potted plants or flowers add the ambiance. Consider the smells in the home and stick with lite, neutral, and natural scents like vinilla and lemon. Curb appeal must be on point when preparing for a good first impression. This can be big difference makers on a budget.

Declutter & Depersonalize

The idea of decluttering and depersonalize is to remove yourself as the owner and place the buyer in the home as the new owner.


Remove excess knick knacks and unused items. A small amount of neatly organized and boxed items in a garage or closet is fine, if you have a lot of stuff, consider a storage unit for the stuff before you list the home for sale. 


Remove personal pictures, family pictures, unique and personal art pieices, and religious items. Remember, it is about the buyer envisioning themselves in the space, if they see other people they aren't seeing themselves living in the home. 

Fresh Coats 

It is really simple... A fresh coat paint of a more neutral color will give an illusion of a bigger and brighter home with a fresh and welcoming feel. ...And it is a cheap weekend project you can do, instead of a pro, to save a lot of $$$


Repairs (and a Note on Updates)

A pre-listing inspection is strongly encouraged to place you as the seller in a good negotiation position when an offer comes in. Level up by taking care of some of the key findings of the home found on the home inspection. Don't sweat the small stuff but fix the bigger items so you know a buyer won't find those issues on their home inspection. These upfront steps can save you money during a buyer's inspection period. Doing the repairs up front lets you know the full health of your home and where the buyer and you won't have to worry about a buyer finding a big issue and asking for a steep discount because of the finding.

A note on updates. Going for a full blown update to a kitchen, bathroom, or new flooring can get too personalized pretty quickly. Maybe you love quartz and hate granite.... you are going to have buyers that have the complete opposite feeling.  You have always wanted to remove the carpet and put in hardwoods, a buyer is going to prefer carpet... it is unavoidable. ...So, it is recommended to focus more on needed repairs than desired upgrades... You are trying to sell to everyone, and most home buyers would rather upgrade their kitchen than replace some siding on the south side of the home.... Take care of the unfun projects for the buyer (by fixing what was found on your pre-listing inspection) and let them do the fun stuff like deciding on what kind of flooring upgrade they want to do.

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