A Quick History of Lincoln City, Oregon

Dated: July 26 2022

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Lincoln City is a vibrant coastal town on the central coast of Oregon. It is known for kite festivals, glass blowing, saltwater taffy, and music festivals. It has a small town feel but has the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Lincoln City is filled with small, unique shops and restaurants, and it has an intriguing history. We’ve highlighted some of the most important and fascinating parts below.



Lincoln City is comprised of several small towns which developed separately. They officially consolidated on March 3rd, 1965, when their needs for police, fire department, hospitals, better roads, and an efficient water system took priority. This has created a tight-knit community filled with many traditions from each town over the years.


Glass Floats

The Oregon coastline is home to the finder-keepers project, which combines art and the outdoors. It attracts people from all over the state, searching for fishing floats in gleaming shades of green and blue. Blown glass Japanese fishing floats can be found along the whole coast of Lincoln City. These gems have been local treasures for years ranging from two inches to two feet in size. Anyone who finds it gets to keep it. Many of them are on display at galleries, where they can also be bought.


Other Highlights

Lincoln City is also well known for its summer kite festival, a family tradition where kites of all shapes and sizes are flown at the beach, along with fun family activities. There are also regular farmer's markets where you can find beautiful woven baskets of the First Peoples and freshly caught fish while enjoying the Lincoln City sea, air, and sun, historically known to improve health and wellbeing.


Lincoln Today

Amongst other things, these are some of the main things that bring many tourists to Lincoln City. Today, Lincoln City is not only full of history but also very inclusive and forward-thinking in its community. Recently, they have improved beach accessibility by installing mobility mats and beach wheelchairs.


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