How To Clean When Your Home Is For Sale

Dated: 07/30/2020

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For every house that is for sale, the main goal is to sell it fast. Careful planning in tidying up a home is one of the most effective not to mention budget-friendly way to attract potential buyers. 


A buyer may think that there is not enough space for their stuff when a home is full of personal stuff, which is a signal for a red flag. A neat and orderly home receives a more positive response than a grubby and a messy one. 

Even when it is difficult to let go of the things you treasured through the years, you may need to disconnect from it emotionally. Begin by sorting the items from the basement, garage, each room and attic. Remove personal photographs, art decor or any prized furniture to avoid buyer distraction that may lead to a sale fail. Donate or sell the ones that are still in good condition and throw away the items that you no longer need.

By removing personal items from the rooms, it will make it look more spacious. An impersonal and clean home will present ideas to the buyers on how they can make it their own - thus a potential sale! 


Most buyers show interest in rooms like the living room, kitchen, dining room as well as bathroom. Pay more attention to these rooms as it will entice clients in the process. Follow the rules about a top-to-bottom and left-to-right when cleaning to avoid missing a surface.

Focus more on the bathrooms and kitchen when cleaning. Inspect the cleaning good to apply to the surfaces that need to be cleaned. Look for more abrasive bathroom cleanser to give superfluous cleaning power for soils that are hard to remove and sink residue. Use gel or liquid cleanser for surfaces like solid surface or laminate that might be easily scratched.

One of the highest selling points of the home is storage space. A neatly piled boxes with all your stuff in and storage solution boxes will help storage space look more orderly.

Use some dusting products to trap and remove stubborn dust from windows, carpets, and drapes. Make it a habit to vacuum regularly. Surfaces that are painted, meticulously wash it to take off grime and dust. A non-abrasive cleaner can be used in an unnoticeable area. Follow the cleaning motion from bottom to top and use a circular motion for overlap areas.


To give buyers ample ideas to imagine themselves settling into your home, keep it bare. Let the natural light in by opening up the windows to make it seem more inviting and spacious. Accentuate focal points to draw the buyer’s attention, such as a bright-colored throw pillow on a neutral-colored window seat.

Make your home appear to be its best by keeping a keen eye on the cleaning chores to make your buyers take away that strong feeling about your home. 

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How To Clean When Your Home Is For Sale

For every house that is for sale, the main goal is to sell it fast. Careful planning in tidying up a home is one of the most effective not to mention budget-friendly way to attract potential buyers.

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