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Dated: 12/07/2017

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Image titleGetting accurate information about the real estate market in our fast paced world can be tricky with so many options available to real estate internet searchers. How do we know the information we are getting is accurate? Is that even something we should have to worry about... we shouldn't need to worry about it, but not every real estate listing website is created equally.

Should we use, or some random brokerage website - the answer might surprise you!

The websites you use matter; some have information that is up to date and reviewed by industry professionals. Other websites are more like Wikipedia - meaning they can be great websites but you can't fully trust the moderators to give you the most up to date and accurate information.

Brokerage Sites vs. Listing Sites

Brokerage Websites

Some websites are powered by local multiple listing service (MLS) databases, these websites are brokerage sites, for example or The MLS is the engine that drives real estate listings in every market across the U.S. 

These database sources sites:

  • Show 100% of agent listings for the local market.

  • Update multiple times a day (some as often as every 15 minutes!)

  • Show new listings over a week faster than listing websites (on average)

Listing Websites

Listing websites, like Zillow and Trulia, do not get direct feeds provided to them from all MLS's the same way brokerage websites receive their feeds. Often the listing websites need to rely on information that can be more than a week old. In a strong market it is not uncommon for a real estate agent to receive a call from a Zillow listing inquire and be forced to give the bad news that the home has already sold to the inquiring party. Listing websites struggle compared to brokerage sites in many ways:

  • Listing sites have as high as 30% of their listings out of date

  • Listing sites only get partial data from MLS services

  • Accuracy is sporadic from market to market

  • At best, listing website accuracy is at 90%, often lower than 80%

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In conclusion

So, perhaps surprisingly, the answer is: some random real estate brokerage's website is going to be your best source for finding accurate real estate information. The key is to find a brokerage that focuses on the Oregon coast market you are interested in. If you are looking for a home in Lincoln City or Newport, don't search on a Portland brokerages website.

Once you've got all that figured out, then it's a matter of finding a modern and user-friendly website so your internet home searching is actually fun! After that, you'll find that Oregon coast home quick and easy - who doesn't love that!

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