Don't Let Major Home Repairs Put You In The Hole

Dated: November 3 2020

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Sometimes, we may think major home repairs are out of our league and no matter how we try to maintain our homes as spic and span as possible, there are still unforeseen breakdowns. Save yourself from the meltdown early. Find out here how to.

Sliding Door 

-Check for any debris that might be jamming the sliding door wheels. It is necessary to remove the door from the track to clean the door bottom and the track and wheels. It is advisable to spray a lubricant across the track. 

Fridge Coil

-Before the fride coil’s performance worsen, it is advisable to clean it. Give your fridge an extended life span and efficient energy boost by cleaning it twice a year. A ref coil brush is best used to wipe the coils. 

Dryer Lint 

-The occurrence of fire 15,600 times each year, conforming to the US Fire Administration, is caused by the clothes dryer. Most of the time, a dryer lint either in the trap, area around the dryer or the vent, becomes highly inflammable. A dryer vent is said to be obstructed if the clothes are taking time to dry or becomes hot. Clean the dryer vent following these steps


-The most common killer and a tremendously expensive repair is fixing a weak and crack foundation.  Avoid cracks on the foundation walls by keeping the water far away from it. Apply the right slope for any standing water in the house by putting a soil to keep it away from the house that meets the ground. 

Washer Hose 

-According to State Farm Insurance Statistics, approximately $170 million of home damages is caused by the washer hose. Make it a habit to check your washing machine hose on a regular basis. The ideal clearance between the back of the washing machine and the water connection is at least 4 inches to reduce the chances of a tangle. The coupling of the hose is the spot that usually fails but do not miss out on the leaks and cracks. Preferably, replace the hose every five years. 


-One of the most vulnerable to rotting and leaking are our roof. Regular maintenance is highly recommended from a lost shingles and small leaks to have it checked at least twice every year. 

Crumbling Masonry 

-Check if there are wasps that occupies your masonry and if there are any deep cracks that needs to be fixed before it will mess up your walls. Grouting is the quick fix for minor repairs of the mortar. For a more significant fix, and it has to be done right, you would need some tuck pointing tools such as plugging chisel and an angle grinder. 

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