Making Dreams Reality With New Construction

Dated: 04/13/2018

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Making Dreams Reality With New Construction

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House hunting. It can be super fun, but also a little frustrating if you have a vision in your mind of what you want- and you just can’t seem to find it in the area you want. Either the bedrooms are too small, or there isn’t a master bathroom like you envisioned. Or maybe the kitchen is outdated, and there is only one bathroom (and you definitely need two). A great suggestion to those who find themselves in this situation is: NEW CONSTRUCTION! My husband Ross and I have been through new construction a few times- both in designing our current home, and in designing our mixed-use commercial building on SW 51st ST/HWY 101 (where our current office is located upstairs). I can tell you from experience- you have to try new construction at least once in your life. This is where you get the opportunity to pick your floor plan, interior/exterior paint colors, and all of your finish work (down to the light fixtures, type of flooring and countertops, and even your toilet! Ha!) Want a covered deck? Done. Want a garden tub in your master? Done. Yes, sometimes you have to make compromises based on the size/setbacks required for the lot you’ve chosen, and the price range you want to be within. But, you can still virtually get most of what you want by going this route.  

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In addition to the joy of designing your own home- you also get the security of knowing you are walking into a quality home. No dry-rot to worry about, no roof that needs replacing. Everything will be brand new- so you will have YEARS of worry-free home ownership before you will have to think about any repairs. Just keep up on your home maintenance, and you will be in great shape. Depending on the type of fixtures you choose- you can also rely on some exceptional warranties. Take our home for example- we are the original owners of the home we designed, and chose Milgard windows throughout our home. One started having an issue with a broken seal- and all we had to do was call the company and within a couple weeks a crew came out and replaced the window…free of charge…in less than an hour. Due to the location and size of the window, this saved us thousands of dollars. It is that simple folks. 

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So, some of you may wonder, “Why is a real estate agent pushing new construction?” The reason is….we have access to contractors with a variety of buildable lots in Lincoln City, and wanted to share this great opportunity with you. We want to make sure our clients know ALL of their options when looking for a home with Team Home Oregon Coast. If this sounds like something you are interested in, contact Ross & Rachelle Rehberg for more details. We can set up a meeting to look at the lots available and discuss the process with you to see if this is a good fit. I can assure you- if you decide to go with new construction, it will be one of the best experiences ever. 

Ross & Rachelle 

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Ross and Rachelle Rehberg|Oregon Brokers

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